The ‘Why’ Matters More than Goals

The Why Matters

There’s a lot of things I learned recently.  And one of them, is about the ‘Why’. 

How the ‘Why’ matters.  How you FEEL matters.

Why do you set resolutions?  What about goals and targets?  What does it take to meet those goals and targets?

If you’re like me, you probably have been taught that achievement is everything.

Success, perfection, and completion with flying colours are the only way to get shit done in life.

Anything less, is not noteworthy.

You push and push and push your way through obstacles, and hardships, believing when you get to your goal, your target, your achievement, you will be fulfilled, and there will be a ‘happily ever after”.

So that feeling, you’re aiming to achieve, your longing to bring into your life..  what makes you think or believe that feeling is going to last forever once you hit that target?

Or are you aiming, trying and beating yourself up all year round, so when Christmas and New Year’s Eve comes.. you can be that person who can proudly announce that you made your goals, your target while the rest drowns in their self pity that they haven’t met the target (or haven’t even made a target!), and haven’t felt the way they want to feel.

And when did all this become a competition?

So, what if, you can make that feeling of hitting the goal last longer?

What if you can feel it all year long?

Would you set your resolutions differently?

Would it be the same, and you approach it with sheer joy instead of dread like another stupid email you gotta reply to with the same stupid response for the 100th time?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all that.

I’m doing this differently.

There’s a reason why I write ‘lose 10kgs’ down on New Year’s Day for the last few years.

And I look at it with dread, while I drink my glass of wine and eating a slice of cheese.

What if I say..

Feel Healthier

Be able to participate in 10km charity runs without practice (because I run 10k a few times a week anyway)

Be able to lift myself into advance yoga poses like a headstand, or a handstand effortlessly, without the help of a wall.

Be able to charge that wave, because I’m confident that I can take off and rip it.

Be able to wear a tight shirt without being asked if I’m pregnant.

Wouldn’t I feel SO MUCH BETTER about everything in life?

So then, what happens if I DO get myself into a handstand, be able to run 10k in a breeze and catch waves without ridiculous wipeouts, but didn’t loose the full 10kgs?

Am I gonna beat myself up because I couldn’t hit a number?

Yea, probably.. but just a little.

Am I going to be happy because I FEEL much stronger in my body, and I FEEL so much healthier?

Most definitely, YES!