The Yamas – Asteya: The Teaching of Non-Stealing

5The third teachings in the yamas is Asteya – Non-stealing.

Believing in having enough abundance.

Stealing can include anything from taking someone from others, and not giving yourself fully to what you are doing.

If you are late,and interrupt the current flow of energy to where you show up, you are stealing time which can be never returned from others.

If you do not give yourself fully in a posture, you are stealing your opportunity for growth.

Today might not be the day the journey takes you a bit further, but you never know unless you show up and do the work.

The Yamas – Satya: The Teaching of Truthfulness

4The second teaching in the yamas is Satya – truthfulness.

Honesty.  No lies.  The whole truth.  In our thoughts, feelings, words and action.

Don’t pretend you can get yourself in a certain posture.

Don’t lie about what you are, who you are, because you are already complete.

You don’t need a headstand, a new designer handbag or a new car because you want to look a certain way to others.

Drop the lies.

Drop the ego.

Feel your centre, because that’s where your truth lies.

The Yamas – Ahimsa: The Teaching of Non-Violence

AhimsaHave you heard of the yamas?

The yamas are part of the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga which help purify the mind and body.

It is a list of things not to do, to help destroy the lower nature.

The first one is Ahimsa, meaning Non-violence, Non-Injury.

This is not only for the physical body, but also consider the thoughts you think.  Wanting to elbow that person in the train, or yell at someone for not doing what you want them to do.  Forcing, pushing and pushing and pushing yourself, into a posture you are not ready to do yet.

Your words, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Even if you don’t voice them, it sends a energy through out your body.  We need to be kind, loving, and caring, to ourselves, and others.  With our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.