Focus on Your Food


The other day I went to my favourite italian restaurant.

With myself.

For a lunch date.

(A girl’s gotta treat herself :D)

I absolutely LOVE all of their food!

Anything I order here, is always amazingly delicious.

I never had a plate that I wish was different than what was served.

I went during the busiest time, and was guided to the counter.  The best part about this seat is being able to peak into the kitchen to see the amazingly talented chefs cook.

As I sat down, and I looked around, most people came with a lunch buddy.  I was the minority here.  There were people engaged in conversations, twirling their forks to eat pasta, and some eating their pizza with both hands.

Then I noticed the amount of people glued to their phones.

While waiting for their food.

While eating their pasta (the phone people don’t seem to order pizzas).

While drinking their coffee, and eating their dessert.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things about my favourite restaurant is the atmosphere.

I love the smell of the food, the cozy feeling I get from the Italian Country interior, the cute water vases that are shaped like a chicken, the perfectly round ice cubes in my water, the smile of the waiters, the pictures on the wall, the texture of the walls, the dessert menu…

I would miss out on all of this.  ALL OF IT.. If I keep starring into my phone.

I mean, I’d keep starring if the secret to life, or enlightenment beams through the screen of my phone… Was there an app for that?

I guess the next best thing would be cute baby animal photos and a meditation app… but not the best company to a delicious plate of Penne Arabbiata or a Bismarck Pizza.

So for the love of all delicious food out there… take a photo if you need to, than put your phone away!

The Benefit of Saying No


I learned how to say no.

The hard way.

Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I used to have my planner filled up to the max, and I was always overwhelmed.  I had to always leave home with it.  It was always in my bag.  if I had a digital invite to something, I always wrote it down in my trusty planner.

I lived according to my calendar, and if I had an open spot, I’d throw something in there to fill it up.  I wondered why I couldn’t be creative, why I couldn’t set time aside to sew, design or write. I did cook.  It was mostly for survival, and not as a creative outlet.

I really needed to create more blank space in my head, the first target was my calendar.

So I started leaving my planner at home.

I only book in schedules that excite me, fulfill me, and only with people I want to truely meet with.  People who I adore spending time with.

I’d like to report, that it worked!  When I started doing this, and really sticking to the deal, I felt more space in my head, and more room in my heart to write.

I have days where I write for a few hours straight.  Sometimes, I’m frantically writing a weird dream I had.. Just to see if I can use words to recreate the images I saw inside my own head. (Mostly comes out as a fail lol) Other days, there’s one or two topics I want to get out of my head, and I do.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really make sense.  Sometimes, it makes too much sense, I shock myself.  Every time I write, I leave it at least a day.  Some times weeks before I go back and read/edit it.  (Most of the stuff I share is written way before the day I hit publish/printed copies.)

Most of the time, I don’t feel it’s good enough to share.. and I started to share anyway.  When I share it, I feel a bit more confident.  And freedom.  Like my heart cracks open a little more each time, becoming more vulnerable.. and at the same time, it expands, growing bigger and bigger.

And if I can help even one person (well, besides myself), it’s worth sharing.