Be Kind to Yourself

Most of us are our own worst critic.

We’re so hard on ourselves. Especially when learning new things.

When we were in school, we were all taught the same way, we all took the same test, and we got a grade on it. We try SO HARD to ‘get’ it, to understand. If we don’t get it the first time around, we feel reaaaally really bad about ourselves.

Remember the first time you stood on a yoga mat?

When you said wtf is a downdog!?

My body doesn’t bend that way!

You want me to WHAT!?

Yea, that feeling.

I remember my first class clearly.
The class started by doing the splits both ways to ‘warm up’, when my toes were so far away.

I never expected myself to do the splits both ways that day. I still don’t.

Did you nail the perfect alignment during downdog on your first try?

Did you only give yourself one chance to find your balance in headstand?

You probably gave yourself more than one try.

Sometimes it takes years to be able to do a pose.

Honestly, it took me 12 years from the first time I did yoga,
until I got myself comfortable in a headstand.

When it comes time to learn about yoga philosophy,
do you expect yourself to remember everything on your first try?

You give yourself more than one chance to get into a headstand,
but don’t give yourself more than one chance to understand philosophy.

This is what I always tell my students. We must be easy on ourselves.

It’s important that we are all good students, and want to learn things.

It’s equally important, to take our time.

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