3 steps to Prepare for Hay-fever Season


It’s the season! For hayfever!! Are you ready!?

I’m sure not.

I use to hate spring.  I liked that it got warmer, and that was pretty much it.

I have struggled with hay fever for a really long time.  I had a HUGE box of tissues in my bag from March until mid May.  I woke up at night because I couldn’t breathe.  The skin around my nose was permanently dry and flaky.  If I try to put lotion on it stung so bad.  Doing presentations or interviews was a complete joke. (I had a corporate job)  I was constantly stuffed up and all around miserable.

The only way I survived that time was putting vaseline around my nose every time I used a tissue (every 30 seconds), using really expensive nice lotion tissues (1 box every 2-3 days), and being on prescription meds to put off the sinus headaches that came along with the stuffiness.  It did not help that I was talking all day for work.

After 3 springs of really horrible hay fever, I heard of this thing of ‘preventing’ hay fever before it happens.  It sounded impossible.  I suffered for so long.  I did not understand… I was interested.

I learned about food.  How food affects our bodies, and the importance of eating good food.  When I started, the idea was to eat more vegetables in general, and less McDonald’s.  I started reading labels on the back of things like soy sauce and ketchup, only to find myself shocked that there are so many things I cannot pronounce on the labels.  Throwing everything out and buying organic everything sounded like a really good idea.  But I did not want to waste food, even if it’s not the best kind.  So I slowly started to switch to better things when I ran out of different things.  This was a few years ago, when it was still really hard to find organic things in Japan.  If you looked for it, you found it, with the price tag thats about 3 times of the items that are non-organic.  Every time I cringed about paying the price difference, I remembered a saying..

It’s either the grocery bill now, or the medical bill later.

I’d take the grocery bill any day over medical bills.  So my grocery bills slowly started to get larger.  (I used to spend about $100 a month on groceries)

Time passed, spring came again.  The first two years, I felt only slightly better.  Slightly better meaning I was on prescription for about 2 weeks instead of 6 weeks.  I didn’t have to get my nostrils unclogged at the doctors office.  I used less tissues.  I slept through the night.  Even though the changes were happening I was still complaining about my condition.

Than one day a friend pointed out to me that I look better than the years before.

It took someone else to look at me and say HEY! You look like you’re doing better than before!  for me to realise the changes that happened.  That’s when I started taking this beat hay fever before it happens thing a bit more seriously.

This was also around the time that I learned about the neti pot.  It scared the living crap out of me.  How does one stick water up its nose and have it come out of the other end and survive!?

Anything that would keep the medical bills down, right?

So I ordered my neti pot on Amazon.  Kept it in a box for about 10 months.  Opened the box.  Read the instructions.  Freaked out.  Remembered I have a copy of a yoga magazine that tells me exactly how to do this.  Read the article.  Freaked out again.  Washed the neti pot.  Let dry.

Let sit there for a week…

and then another week…

And decided maybe it’s time to actually do this.

I put cold water into the thing.  Stuck one side into my nose, cried while the water was coming out the other side.  Then tried the other side. Same thing.  The gunk came out alright, and so did the tears.  WHY? Bc it stung so bad!! One time the water went to my ears and I couldn’t get it out.  Felt pretty screwed all day.

After about a week I heard about using warm salt water, and to do it in the morning.

Took a while but I learned how to use the neti pot!

If you want a handy guide on how to use the Neti pot, download my free pdf guide.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.  I’ll be happy to answer you with what I can.

So what CAN you do to help hay fever before it happens?

1. Eat good, proper food.

2. Learn how to use the neti pot.

3. Take Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

#3 is one I’m going to put to the test this year.  I have not been consistent in my vitamin regimen for the last.. while.  The last time I was consistent was when I was in college, when my mom was feeding me vitamins.  She had me taking multi-vitamins, fish oil, vitamin C and vitamin E pills.

When the immune system is weak, your body is not able to fight against the pollen and your allergies will flare up more easily.  Prepare your body by making sure you increase vitamins that will help your body fight off the bad guys.  Your white blood cells need Vitamin C to help fight off bacteria.  If you drink alcohol, smoke, are stressed out or sick, your body uses twice as much Vitamin C to protect itself.  In order to prepare your white blood cells to be in the best condition possible, it is important to take your vitamins.

I have been consistent with taking my vitamins for about a month and a half now.  Honestly I feel more energy, my digestion is a lot smoother, I have less water retention, and my eyes don’t get as dry as they used to (I can stare at a computer screen longer!)  If you want my recommendation, drop me a message.  It would be my pleasure to help you out.

After this hay fever season is over, I shall report back with the results of how my pre-season prep helped me.