3 steps to Prepare for Hay-fever Season


It’s the season! For hayfever!! Are you ready!?

I’m sure not.

I use to hate spring.  I liked that it got warmer, and that was pretty much it.

I have struggled with hay fever for a really long time.  I had a HUGE box of tissues in my bag from March until mid May.  I woke up at night because I couldn’t breathe.  The skin around my nose was permanently dry and flaky.  If I try to put lotion on it stung so bad.  Doing presentations or interviews was a complete joke. (I had a corporate job)  I was constantly stuffed up and all around miserable.

The only way I survived (more…)

January 2017 Schedule


2017 is coming!! Can you believe it!?

Did you get your new planners?  Make sure you did so you can jot down my schedule.

I’ll be doing a few sub-classes, so make sure to catch me! ↓↓↓ (more…)